SURPRICE Car Rental at Toronto Airport

SURPRICE Car Rental at Toronto Airport
SURPRICE Car Rental at Toronto Airport
Car Hire Companies at Toronto Airport

SURPRICE Car Rental Services at Toronto Airport

Upon your arrival at Toronto Airport, travellers have a selection of car rental companies at Toronto Airport to choose a rental car from.

Helpful information when renting a vehicle from Surprice at Toronto Airport

You may add additional drivers to the rental agreement provided that they meet the same requirements as the main driver and are present at the time of pick up. A daily additional fee is applied for this service. In Canada you should drive on the right hand side of the road.

Returning a rented vehicle to Surprice at Toronto Airport

Please consult with Surprice at Toronto Airport for instructions in regards to the drop off of your rented vehicle. Remember to collect your belongings from the vehicle before returning the key.

How to Contact Surprice at Toronto Airport

For additional information please contact Surprice on +1-416-800-1222.

Where is the SURPRICE Rental Desk at Toronto Airport?

Shuttle from Airport (shuttle pick up is from Viscount Station). Call office on arrival at 001 888 777 9202. Follow signs for Link Train to Level 2 Cross over to Parking Garage on West Bridge Turn left on exiting Bridge to Link Train Station Take Link Train to Viscount Station (2nd stop) At Viscount Station Proceed downstairs to Car Rental Shuttle (call 416-800-1222 on arrival. From Terminal 3 Arrivals: Follow signs to the elevator at Door “D” Take the elevator to Level 3 Turn right on exiting the elevator to Sheraton Hotel  Bridge Cross over the bridge to Link Train Station Prior to entering the Sheraton Hotel Turn left for the elevator Turn right for the escalator Take Link Train to Viscount Station (1st Stop) At Viscount Station Proceed downstairs to Car Rental Shuttle (call 416-800-1222 on arrival) Dropoff The client must return the rental vehicle to our office and we will provide them with a shuttle to the airport

Map of SURPRICE rental desk at Toronto Airport

What are SURPRICE Opening Hours at Toronto Airport ?

Day Open Close
Monday 09:00 19:59
Tuesday 09:00 19:59
Wednesday 09:00 19:59
Thursday 09:00 19:59
Friday 09:00 19:59
Saturday 09:00 17:59
Sunday 09:00 17:59

The SURPRICE Rental Desk at Toronto Airport is located at:

Surprice Car Rentals

Tel: +1-416-800-1222

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