Toronto Airport Arrivals (YYZ)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Philadelphia (PHL) American Eagle AA5886 05:20 16:45 Landed
Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO41 (1) 05:20 17:54 Landed
Warsaw (WAW) Air Canada AC6741 05:20 17:54 Landed
Winnipeg (YWG) Air Canada AC264 (4) 05:21 16:55 Landed
Winnipeg (YWG) Austrian Airlines OS8312 05:21 16:55 Landed
Winnipeg (YWG) LOT LO4138 05:21 16:55 Landed
Winnipeg (YWG) Lufthansa LH6579 05:21 16:55 Landed
Winnipeg (YWG) United Airlines UA8193 05:21 16:55 Landed
Calgary (YYC) Westjet WS660 (4) 05:21 Delayed
Calgary (YYC) Air France AF6591 05:21 Delayed
Calgary (YYC) Azores Airlines S47034 05:21 Delayed
Calgary (YYC) Delta Air Lines DL6986 05:21 Delayed
Calgary (YYC) KLM KL9573 05:21 Delayed
Newark (EWR) Air Canada AC7051 05:25 Cancelled
Washington (IAD) Air Canada Express AC8619 (1) 05:28 Delayed
Washington (IAD) United Airlines UA8693 05:28 Delayed
Pittsburgh (PIT) Air Canada Express AC8926 (3) 05:28 Delayed
Pittsburgh (PIT) Lufthansa LH6811 05:28 Delayed
Pittsburgh (PIT) Turkish Airlines TK8669 05:28 Delayed
Pittsburgh (PIT) United Airlines UA8030 05:28 Delayed
New York (JFK) Air Canada Express AC8555 (1) 05:30 Cancelled
New York (JFK) United Airlines UA6631 05:30 Cancelled
Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC419 (3) 05:32 Delayed
Montreal (YUL) Austrian Airlines OS8384 05:32 Delayed
Montreal (YUL) Etihad Airways EY3464 05:32 Delayed
Montreal (YUL) LOT LO4148 05:32 Delayed
Chicago (ORD) American Eagle AA3608 (2) 05:35 17:19 Landed
Chicago (ORD) Alaska Airlines AS6186 05:35 17:19 Landed
Chicago (ORD) Qantas QF3337 05:35 17:19 Landed
Sudbury (YSB) Air Canada Express AC8238 (1) 05:35 17:46 Landed
Sudbury (YSB) Swiss LX4693 05:35 17:46 Landed
Charlotte (CLT) Air Canada Express AC8748 (2) 05:40 17:58 Landed
Charlotte (CLT) Turkish Airlines TK8651 05:40 17:58 Landed
Charlotte (CLT) United Airlines UA8315 05:40 17:58 Landed
Québec City (YQB) Air Canada Rouge AC1957 (5) 05:40 17:48 Landed
Québec City (YQB) GOL Linhas Aereas G36813 05:40 17:48 Landed
Québec City (YQB) LOT LO4152 05:40 17:48 Landed
Québec City (YQB) Lufthansa LH6567 05:40 17:48 Landed
Québec City (YQB) Swiss LX4697 05:40 17:48 Landed
Québec City (YQB) United Airlines UA8047 05:40 17:48 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) Air Canada AC786 (2) 05:41 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) Air New Zealand NZ4746 05:41 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) United Airlines UA8042 05:41 Delayed
Richmond (YVR) Porter PD304 (1) 05:41 Delayed
Richmond (YVR) Air Transat TS7905 05:41 Delayed
Edmonton (YEG) Air Canada AC166 (4) 05:43 17:49 Landed
Edmonton (YEG) Austrian Airlines OS8293 05:43 17:49 Landed
Edmonton (YEG) LOT LO4118 05:43 17:49 Landed
Edmonton (YEG) Lufthansa LH6553 05:43 17:49 Landed
Edmonton (YEG) Turkish Airlines TK9135 05:43 17:49 Landed
Montreal (YUL) Porter PD126 (1) 05:44 Delayed
Montreal (YUL) Air Transat TS7826 05:44 Delayed
Phoenix (PHX) Air Canada Rouge RV1994 05:44 Delayed
Houston (IAH) Air Canada AC592 (1) 05:45 17:28 Landed
Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA8021 05:45 17:28 Landed
Corning (ELM) NetJets EJA727 05:46 Delayed
Atlanta (ATL) Air Canada Rouge AC1918 (1) 05:48 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) United Airlines UA8109 05:48 Scheduled
Havana (HAV) WestJet Cargo WS9153 05:54 Cancelled
Halifax (YHZ) Air Canada AC615 (2) 05:54 Delayed
Halifax (YHZ) Etihad Airways EY3452 05:54 Delayed
Halifax (YHZ) LOT LO4160 05:54 Delayed
New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL5173 (1) 05:59 Scheduled
New York (LGA) WestJet WS7917 05:59 Scheduled
Winnipeg (YWG) WestJet WS306 (5) 05:59 Delayed
Winnipeg (YWG) Air France AF3739 05:59 Delayed
Winnipeg (YWG) Air Transat TS8807 05:59 Delayed
Winnipeg (YWG) Azores Airlines S47004 05:59 Delayed
Winnipeg (YWG) Cathay Pacific CX7059 05:59 Delayed
Winnipeg (YWG) KLM KL9589 05:59 Delayed
Rome (FCO) Air Transat TS309 (2) 06:00 Delayed
Rome (FCO) Porter Airlines Canada PD7309 06:00 Delayed
Rome (FCO) WestJet WS5312 06:00 Delayed
Boston (BOS) Air Canada AC771 (3) 06:00 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) TAP Air Portugal TP8021 06:00 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Turkish Airlines TK8679 06:00 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) United Airlines UA8611 06:00 Scheduled
Osaka (KIX) Air Canada AC60 06:00 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Condor DE2402 06:00 Delayed
Edmonton (YEG) WestJet WS428 (3) 06:00 18:00 Landed
Edmonton (YEG) Air France AF3019 06:00 18:00 Landed
Edmonton (YEG) Azores Airlines S47010 06:00 18:00 Landed
Edmonton (YEG) Qantas QF3365 06:00 18:00 Landed
Richmond (YVR) Air Canada AC108 (2) 06:03 17:52 Landed
Richmond (YVR) LOT LO4104 06:03 17:52 Landed
Richmond (YVR) Virgin Australia VA5206 06:03 17:52 Landed
Calgary (YYC) Air Canada AC142 (1) 06:04 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Austrian Airlines OS8266 05:58 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Air Canada AC144 (7) 06:04 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Austrian Airlines OS8294 06:04 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Avianca AV6968 06:04 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) LOT LO4112 06:04 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Lufthansa LH6690 06:04 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Swiss LX4679 06:04 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) TAP Air Portugal TP8006 06:04 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Turkish Airlines TK9139 06:04 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Air Canada AC891 (6) 06:05 17:43 Landed
Rome (FCO) Austrian Airlines OS8379 06:05 17:43 Landed
Rome (FCO) Brussels Airlines SN9621 06:05 17:43 Landed
Rome (FCO) Croatia Airlines OU5910 06:05 17:43 Landed
Rome (FCO) Lufthansa LH6602 06:05 17:43 Landed
Rome (FCO) Swiss LX4852 06:05 17:43 Landed
Rome (FCO) United Airlines UA8589 06:05 17:43 Landed
Montreal (YUL) Air Transat TS460 (1) 06:05 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Porter Airlines Canada PD7460 06:05 Scheduled
Ottawa (YOW) Air Canada AC463 (6) 06:06 Delayed
Ottawa (YOW) Austrian Airlines OS8327 06:06 Delayed
Ottawa (YOW) LOT LO4144 06:06 Delayed
Ottawa (YOW) Lufthansa LH6767 06:06 Delayed
Ottawa (YOW) Swiss LX4680 06:06 Delayed
Ottawa (YOW) TAP Air Portugal TP8290 06:06 Delayed
Ottawa (YOW) Turkish Airlines TK8715 06:06 Delayed
Athens (ATH) Air Transat TS695 06:10 Delayed
Cancun (CUN) WestJet WS2425 06:11 Scheduled
New York (LGA) Air Canada Express AC8545 06:11 Scheduled
Newark (EWR) Air Canada Express AC8881 (2) 06:12 Cancelled
Newark (EWR) SAS SK3815 06:12 Cancelled
Newark (EWR) United Airlines UA8432 06:12 Cancelled
Montego Bay (MBJ) Air Canada Rouge AC1805 06:15 17:58 Landed
Phoenix (PHX) Air Canada Rouge AC1720 06:17 17:56 Landed
London (LHR) Air Canada AC2157 06:27 Scheduled
New York (LGA) American Eagle AA4516 (1) 06:31 Cancelled
New York (LGA) British Airways BA4835 06:31 Cancelled
Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC421 (4) 06:32 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Austrian Airlines OS8208 06:32 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Etihad Airways EY3470 06:32 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Lufthansa LH6710 06:32 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Swiss LX4662 06:32 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Air Canada AC110 (2) 06:33 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Austrian Airlines OS8298 06:33 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Swiss LX4677 06:33 Scheduled
Kelowna (YLW) Air Canada Rouge AC1910 06:34 Delayed
Munich (MUC) Lufthansa LH494 (1) 06:35 Delayed
Munich (MUC) Air Canada AC9603 06:35 Delayed
Charlotte (CLT) American Eagle AA5030 06:38 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) Air Canada Express AC8933 (3) 06:39 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) Austrian Airlines OS8300 06:39 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) Turkish Airlines TK8689 06:39 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) United Airlines UA8195 06:39 Scheduled
Halifax (YHZ) Air Canada AC617 (3) 06:39 Delayed
Halifax (YHZ) Etihad Airways EY3428 06:39 Delayed
Halifax (YHZ) Lufthansa LH6703 06:39 Delayed
Halifax (YHZ) Swiss LX4647 06:39 Delayed
Higuey (PUJ) Air Canada Rouge AC1795 06:40 Delayed
Istanbul (IST) Turkish Airlines TK17 (4) 06:45 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Air Canada AC6679 06:45 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) AirSERBIA JU8276 06:45 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) RwandAir WB1373 06:45 Scheduled
Istanbul (IST) Singapore Airlines SQ6307 06:45 Scheduled
London (LHR) Air Canada AC857 (8) 06:45 Cancelled
London (LHR) Aegean Airlines A33055 06:45 Cancelled
London (LHR) Austrian Airlines OS8225 06:45 Cancelled
London (LHR) Egyptair MS9604 06:45 Cancelled
London (LHR) Lufthansa LH6584 06:45 Cancelled
London (LHR) MEA ME4521 06:45 Cancelled
London (LHR) Singapore Airlines SQ1010 06:45 Cancelled
London (LHR) SriLankan Airlines UL2857 06:45 Cancelled
London (LHR) United Airlines UA8219 06:45 Cancelled
Chicago (ORD) Air Canada AC508 (1) 06:48 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA8308 06:48 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Air Canada Rouge AC1702 06:50 Delayed
Georgetown (GCM) WestJet WS2033 06:54 Scheduled
Fredericton (YFC) Air Canada Express AC8505 06:54 Delayed
Orlando (MCO) Air Canada Rouge AC1673 06:59 Delayed
Providenciales (PLS) FlyGTA Airlines SX322 07:00 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Air Canada AC1092 (2) 07:00 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Turkish Airlines TK8673 07:00 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) United Airlines UA8498 07:00 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) United Express UA3453 (3) 07:01 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) Air Canada AC3934 07:01 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) Avianca AV2166 07:01 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) Copa Airlines CM2804 07:01 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) Air Canada Express AC8839 (4) 07:02 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) Lufthansa LH6575 07:02 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) TAP Air Portugal TP8061 07:02 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) Turkish Airlines TK8671 07:02 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) United Airlines UA8283 07:02 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) Air Canada Express AC8972 (1) 07:04 Delayed
St Louis (STL) United Airlines UA6608 07:04 Delayed
Victoria (YYJ) Air Canada AC196 (3) 07:06 Delayed
Victoria (YYJ) Avianca AV2875 07:06 Delayed
Victoria (YYJ) Lufthansa LH6803 07:06 Delayed
Victoria (YYJ) TAP Air Portugal TP8017 07:06 Delayed
Minneapolis (MSP) Air Canada Express AC8720 (3) 07:08 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Lufthansa LH6749 07:08 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Turkish Airlines TK8665 07:08 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) United Airlines UA8388 07:08 Scheduled
Reykjavik (KEF) Icelandair FI603 (1) 07:10 Scheduled
Reykjavik (KEF) Turkish Airlines TK9619 07:10 Scheduled
Montego Bay (MBJ) WestJet WS2665 (1) 07:10 Scheduled
Montego Bay (MBJ) KLM KL9629 07:10 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Porter PD1356 07:10 Delayed
New York (LGA) Air Canada Express AC8995 (1) 07:11 Cancelled
New York (LGA) United Airlines UA8235 07:11 Cancelled
Fort Myers (RSW) Air Canada Rouge AC1669 07:13 Scheduled
Fort Myers (RSW) Air Canada AC1291 07:13 Scheduled
Higuey (PUJ) Air Transat TS187 07:15 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Air Canada AC112 (3) 07:18 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Austrian Airlines OS8262 07:18 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Lufthansa LH6701 07:18 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Turkish Airlines TK9137 07:18 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Air Canada AC540 (2) 07:20 Delayed
Seattle (SEA) Turkish Airlines TK8677 07:20 Delayed
Seattle (SEA) United Airlines UA8031 07:20 Delayed
Moncton (YQM) Air Canada Rouge AC1505 (1) 07:24 Scheduled
Moncton (YQM) United Airlines UA8303 07:24 Scheduled
Seoul (ICN) Air Canada AC62 (1) 07:25 Scheduled
Seoul (ICN) Asiana Airlines OZ6114 07:25 Scheduled
Kingston (KIN) WestJet WS2601 07:27 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) Air Canada AC788 (2) 07:29 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) Air New Zealand NZ4792 07:29 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) United Airlines UA8328 07:29 Delayed
Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC423 (3) 07:29 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Austrian Airlines OS8254 07:29 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Etihad Airways EY3429 07:29 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Turkish Airlines TK8691 07:29 Scheduled
Halifax (YHZ) Air Canada AC619 (3) 07:29 Scheduled
Halifax (YHZ) LOT LO4158 07:29 Scheduled
Halifax (YHZ) Lufthansa LH6665 07:29 Scheduled
Halifax (YHZ) TAP Air Portugal TP8285 07:29 Scheduled
Higuey (PUJ) WestJet WS2767 07:30 Scheduled
Puerto Vallarta (PVR) WestJet WS2651 07:30 Scheduled
Ponta Delgada (PDL) Azores Airlines S4323 (2) 07:30 Scheduled
Ponta Delgada (PDL) Binter Canarias NT7323 07:30 Scheduled
Ponta Delgada (PDL) TAP Air Portugal TP6573 07:30 Scheduled
Edmonton (YEG) Porter PD406 (1) 07:30 Scheduled
Edmonton (YEG) Air Transat TS7947 07:30 Scheduled
Winnipeg (YWG) Flair Airlines F8640 07:30 Scheduled
Calgary (YYC) Porter PD356 (1) 07:30 Delayed
Calgary (YYC) Air Transat TS7927 07:30 Delayed
Nashville (BNA) Flair Airlines F81625 07:35 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air Canada AC2412 07:35 Scheduled
Thunder Bay (YQT) Air Canada Rouge AC1512 (2) 07:51 Scheduled
Thunder Bay (YQT) Lufthansa LH6617 07:51 Scheduled
Thunder Bay (YQT) United Airlines UA8102 07:51 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL695 (3) 07:55 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Air France AF8265 07:55 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL9177 07:55 Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS) Virgin Atlantic VS7167 07:55 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA99 (3) 07:55 Scheduled
London (LHR) Aer Lingus EI8799 07:55 Scheduled
London (LHR) Finnair AY5999 07:55 Scheduled
London (LHR) Iberia IB7341 07:55 Scheduled
Newark (EWR) United Airlines UA3504 08:00 Scheduled
Aruba (AUA) WestJet WS2199 08:11 Scheduled
Newark (EWR) Air Canada Express AC8883 08:12 Cancelled
St. John's (ANU) Air Canada Rouge AC1833 08:15 Scheduled
Regina (YQR) Air Canada AC1924 08:15 Scheduled
Regina (YQR) Air Canada Rouge AC1112 08:15 Scheduled
Québec City (YQB) Air Canada Rouge AC1959 08:20 Scheduled
Winnipeg (YWG) Air Canada AC268 08:21 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) Air Canada AC8785 08:24 Cancelled
Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO45 08:25 Scheduled
Bridgetown (BGI) WestJet WS2513 08:32 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC425 08:32 Scheduled
London (LHR) Air Canada AC859 08:35 Scheduled
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Air Canada AC7050 08:40 Scheduled
New York (LGA) Jazz Aviation QK545 08:41 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA265 08:43 Scheduled
Bridgetown (BGI) Air Canada Rouge AC1841 08:45 Scheduled
Edmonton (YEG) Air Canada AC170 08:48 Scheduled
Liberia (LIR) WestJet WS2645 08:49 Delayed
Richmond (YVR) WestJet WS714 08:49 Scheduled
St. John's (YYT) Air Canada AC697 08:54 Scheduled
Liberia (LIR) Air Canada Rouge AC1872 08:55 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Air Canada AC184 08:58 Scheduled
Port Of Spain (POS) Caribbean Airlines BW600 09:00 Scheduled
Edmonton (YEG) WestJet WS436 09:00 Scheduled
Charlottetown (YYG) WestJet WS381 09:04 Scheduled
Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific CX826 09:05 Scheduled
Deer Lake (YDF) WestJet WS523 09:05 Scheduled
Ottawa (YOW) Air Canada AC469 09:06 Cancelled
San Juan (SJU) Air Canada Cargo AC7215 09:10 Scheduled
Puerto Plata (POP) WestJet WS2507 09:11 Scheduled
Charlottetown (YYG) Air Canada Rouge AC1545 09:11 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Air France AF386 09:15 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal TP261 09:15 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Porter PD306 09:16 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) Air Canada AC116 09:16 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Toronto Airport

Toronto Pearson Airport was opened in 1939 as Malton Airport. However, in 1958, the municipal government of Toronto sold the Malton Airport to the Government of Canada. At that time the airport was renamed Toronto International Airport, under the management of Transport Canada. In 1984 the airport was officially renamed Lester B. Pearson International Airport in honor of Lester B. Pearson, who was the fourteenth Prime Minister of Canada. In 2019, the airport handled 50.5 million passengers and was thereby the 30th-busiest airport in the world measured by passenger traffic. The passenger number is increasing year by year.

Toronto Pearson International Airport Ground Transportation

Toronto Pearson Airport is located approximately 12 miles/22.5 km northwest of the city center of Toronto.
Passengers traveling to and from Toronto Pearson Airport can find simple and comfortable transfer opportunities, including:

Getting to Toronto Pearson Airport is easy by road as the airport is directly accessible from Highway 427 and Highway 409. Airport Road and Dixon Road provide local access to the airport.

The address of the YYZ Airport can be found below:
Toronto Pearson International Airport
6301 Silver Dart Dr
Mississauga, ON
L5P 1B2

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Toronto Pearson Airport by telephone on +1 (416) 247 7678.

Drop-off and pick-up of passengers at Toronto Pearson International Airport

All guests at Toronto Pearson Airport can find easily accessible drop-off and pick-up areas. The airport personnel ask travelers to please keep the roads safe by choosing the free Pearson Cell Phone Waiting Area or convenient short-term parking at one of the passenger terminals instead of illegally parking on the terminal roadsides.

For quick visits, all travelers can take advantage of the free cell phone waiting area or the curbside pick-up and drop-offs. In the Pearson Cell Phone Waiting Area, you can wait comfortably inside your vehicle until your passenger arrives. It is free to use for up to 45 minutes. For any quick pick-ups or drop-offs, you are allowed to stop briefly outside the Arrivals and Departure areas at both terminals.

It is recommended to use the short-term parking areas when picking up or dropping off passengers if you need a bit extra time. The express park is the best option for picking up or dropping off friends or family at Terminal 1. The parking garage is conveniently located next to the terminal. Choose this option for stays up to 3 hours. The first 20 minutes cost $4.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the information and customer services line at YYZ Airport on telephone number: 416-AIRPORT or toll-free +1 866 207 1690.

Toronto Pearson International Airport - Special Need Services

All travelers with disabilities or reduced mobility (PRM) can get helpful service at Toronto Pearson Airport. Here you can find assigned personnel ready to help provide any assistance to passengers with disabilities every day of the year. Please make sure that you make a request for assistance at least 48 hours before your departure time.

Passengers can find accessible check-in kiosks available throughout the departures level of Terminals 1 and 3 at the airport. Furthermore, all washrooms and family washrooms at the airport include wheelchair-accessible toilets.

In addition, you can find designated parking areas for people with disabilities close to the passenger terminal. All of the parking garages are fully wheelchair accessible and provide a total of 301 designated accessible parking spots. Please refer to this website for more information.

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